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Case Studies

Inspection of the equipment condition with defect fixing on a virtual model close to reality

Case Study: Personnel Training and Professional Development

3D simulators designed by Dipol Corporation are widely used in training centers of all IDGCs of PAO “Rosseti” and other electric grid companies, as well as in electrical supervisor services of oil and gas companies, including “Rosneft”, PAO “Gazprom Neft”, “Lukoil” etc. More than 700 licenses have been issued for workplaces in Russia and six CIS countries. In the process of training, specialists navigate through the virtual space, examine various substations (closed transformer, distribution and complex mast-mounted transformer substations), overhead power lines of 0.4 kV, 6 (10) kV, and 110 kV, detect programmed defects and malfunctions. Game-related motivation contributes to rapid development and improvement of skills.

Case Study: Professional Skills Competitions

3D-simulators designed by Dipol Corporation were used in the course of preparation for participation and conduct of All-Russian professional skills competition among electric grid companies organized by PAO “Rosseti” in 2017–2019, as well as the International professional skills competitions of personnel in the electric power field, sponsored by the Electric Power Council of the CIS in 2018–2019. Contestants navigated through the virtual space, examined various substations and overhead power lines, detected programmed defects and malfunctions. The use of 3D simulators simplified the process of preparation for competitions and the process of participants’ professional level assessment, provided lack of dependence on weather conditions and reduced the cost of events.

Learning to follow response protocol (performing a sequence of operations) on a two- or three-dimensional facility model

Case Study: Training of personnel involved in detection and repair of wire disconnection fault on 0.4 kV overhead lines

3D-simulator “Work on overhead power lines. Wire break repair.” was designed to train personnel of electric grid companies how to use the correct algorithm of actions and safety measures during the repair works. In the process of training, each trainee navigated through key points of the virtual facility, where the emergency situation was simulated, initiated safety permit, conducted target training, detected problem areas, and performed technical tasks. Organization of training in virtual space close to reality allowed to recreate the task accurately, quickly learn the necessary skills, ensure safety and reduce the cost of training for more than 10 electric grid companies (IDGC of PAO “Rosseti” etc.).

Case Study: Staff training to work on complex equipment

To train the personnel of OOO Scientific Production Association “Neftegazkompleks – cathodic protection” to work with the Cathodic Protection Station PROTECH(L), and teach employees of the Engels Instrument-making Association “Signal” to work with the “Flowgas” corrector and “ULTRAMAG” complex, we designed corresponding interactive electronic technical manuals and simulators for working out the correct sequence of actions. Convenient form of presentation (using 3D models, animation and audio clips) increased the effectiveness of training. The procedure for assessing employees’ knowledge has been simplified, the risk of occupational injuries has decreased, and information storage and retrieval has been optimized.

Case Study: Undergoing partial and complete sanitization upon leaving the zone of radioactive contamination

Upon the order of the EMERCOM of Russia we designed the 3D simulator of a special treatment point designed to work out personnel’s actions upon leaving the zone of radioactive contamination.

We recreated all stages of undergoing partial and complete sanitary treatment in virtual space. Each user moved around the object and performed the required actions. In case of correct order of actions’ violation, hints popped up to indicate errors that had been made. Application of the program allowed personnel to quickly and safely work out actions in the situation of radioactive contamination.

Development of virtual tours of production facilities for coordination and adaptation of new employees

Case Study: Civil defense shelter drill

EMERCOM of Russia placed an order with our company to design interactive 3D-model of a shelter for 150-200 people to be used by employees of servicing and inspection bodies. The designed virtual protective shelter recreated shelter premises, control room, medical center, electrical panel room and other facilities, where users could move around freely. The designed program allowed company’s personnel to examine the shelter quickly and safely.

Development of Advertisement with 3D Virtual Reality Technologies

Case Study: Development of virtual advertisement for the company

We developed virtual advertisement for Dipol Corporation. The ad featured electronic educational resources that the company develops and listed their advantages. This virtual advertisement helped to attract new customers.

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