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Design of the simulator using VR/AR/MR technologies is a multi-component, complex, but at the same time clear algorithm-based process. Similarly, we make the issue of pricing absolutely pransparent for our customers.

Each simulator is designed individually, taking into account any wishes and needs of the customer. A team of professionals from our Corporation and subject-matter experts of the project, that are working on it, are responsible for their own sections.



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Pricing Examples

Since each simulator is unique, so is the pricing, but we focus on mutually beneficial cooperation which remains unchanged in any case. Contact our sales team and find out the exact design price.

Tech inspection:

Mast-mounted package transformer substation
+ 10 kV OHPL
+ circuit breaker

750 000 RUB


in civil defence shelter

1 500 000 RUB

Equipment check TS 110/35/6 kV:

4 units – 110/35/6 kV transformer, 6 kV Medim/low voltage kiosk switchgear, 110 kV Outdoor switchgear, 35 kV Outdoor switchgear

3 500 000 RUB

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Questions & Answers

What other services do you provide?

Our experience allows us to take on projects like the writing of project documentation, selecting and configuring equipment, developing graphics, a server and all the mechanics of the game, solving any marketing problems within the Internet, developing a website and conducting an effective advertising campaign, testing and analyzing the finished product, and also providing help in legal matters, including obtaining a patent, license, and rights to a product of development.

How much will my project cost?

Simple projects, like some presentations or videos, cost from 150,000 to 300,000 RUB. Projects of medium complexity, be it quests, attractions, showrooms, simulators, can reach up to 600,000 RUB. Complex and very complex projects, for example, a network team quest for 10 players can reach up to 2,000,000 RUB.

Can you handle my project?

If it is possible to do with modern technology - yes. We implemented the most complex projects in the virtual reality category, from team quests to complex oil production simulators.